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Sick and tired of tiny, little, pale pink lips? Thought about having fillers injected into your lips but worried about the result, the money and the ongoing cost? What happens if they are too big and you're stuck with them?! L Well have I got the answer for you! You would have heard of it -
Lip tint, colour, permanent makeup, or tattooing... these are some treatment that I'm going to tell you all about today. This is my favourite procedure that I perform! The outcome is brilliant, the results are stunning and sooo natural (or if you'd love a bold, red colour that's tota
What is “Hair Stroke/Feathered/Embroidered Brows”? Hair Stroke/Feathered Brows/Embroidered Brows are all the same thing. Hair stroke / Feathered and Embroidered Brows. Depending on who you talk to and where they had their Cosmetic Tattooing/Semi Permanent Makeup/Permanent Makeup done may b
“I’d love Permanent Makeup but I need to psych myself up because I’m chicken and scared of pain!”   I hear this a lot at the enquiry stage, and I’m a total chicken too! So I made the conscious decision a long time ago to invest in amazing (and legal) cream anaesthetics to ensure your co
Hi – I’m Rachael Bebe. I’ve been tattooing lips, eyeliner and eyebrows for 15 years. I’m a qualified trainer, assessor and am always improving my skills through international training. Today I’m going to be taking you through the most common questions and concerns about cosmetic tattooin
I spent Easter in Sydney with my fashionable, beautiful, sexy and kind 25 year old daughter. (I was asking for trouble being in her company wasn’t I?) Keep reading this story does a spin.   I felt old – I’m about to turn 50. I’ve never felt old before. I’m carrying weight, I don’t fee
There's so much information online about the brilliant anti-ageing/beauty hack, but there are still a few things you probably aren't aware of!   This is not like a normal tattoo.   Your Microblading or cosmetic tattooing is not permanent.   You will want this redone in time (yes i

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