Complimentary… Pay with a Smile Microblading

How could i not… I ask you, ‘if you could make someone feel fantastic even for a moment at a very low time in her life, wouldn’t you want to be a part of that too’?

I feel very privileged to have Microblading and Cosmetic Tattooing as a hobby/passion/profession. Creating beautiful natural brows for ladies in everyday life is what i do and just love it, i love the transformation, i love the energy it gives my lady immediately and i just thrive on the lift in her self esteem she radiates. So Instead of supporting charities this is my way of giving back to society, (so spread the word lol, keep me giving).

Complimentary Microblading for alopecia and cancer suffering ladies.

We all (sadly) have that beautiful friend, acquaintance, school mum, friend of a friend who is just having a horrid time with cancer and alopecia. During their treatment sadly they are losing or have lost hair in their brows. This is where i come in, i have delegated hours per month in my calendar to perform ‘microblading’ free of charge for these ladies.

You can organise it with me Rachael Bebe 0405 335 159  or your friend can just contact me to make a booking.

Simply eyeliner and microblading to freshen up your face.

Points to consider

*there are only a certain amount of ladies treatments performed each month (you could go on a waiting list)

*this is a single treatment (the touch up which is usually inclusive in the price is not included)

*these brows (valued at $740)  will just fade over about 9-12 months

* Microblading is the divine technique on offer (beautiful natural hair strokes)

*You must obtain a letter or authorization from your doctor (prior to the appt)

*She will need to allow 1 hour for the treatment

Of course there are colour selections, however, I am very conservative with my work and would never go too dark, your brows are all created using a ratio method (so your new brows will be exactly where they are meant to be according to your brow bones).

There really isn’t any down time with this procedure and you could have lunch with the queen on the same day lol.

Microbladed Brows will help your self-esteem immensely at this time for you, offering you a little more colour, structure, and framing of your face, and yes it is completely free.

I have 15 years experience in the industry (one of the old original tattooists) so you are in safe hands, and i am not experimenting on you. Please feel free to read the testimonials.

Please share with your friends, and keep this ‘pay with a smile’ alive to the ladies who would just love it.

My fb page is: rachaelbebebeauty

instagram: rachaelbebebeauty

Website: www.rachaelbebe.com.au/testimonials/

I look forward to speaking with you have the most fantastic day


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