Cosmetic Tattooing and troubleshooting the most common concerns

Hi – I’m Rachael Bebe. I’ve been tattooing lips, eyeliner and eyebrows for 15 years. I’m a qualified trainer, assessor and am always improving my skills through international training.

Today I’m going to be taking you through the most common questions and concerns about cosmetic tattooing and show you why there’s really nothing to worry about when it comes to semi-permanent makeup!

  1. What if I don’t like the end result?

Great question – and the most popular one! This is why your consultation before the treatment is so important.  I ask strategic questions that reveal to me exactly want you want, and ensure I deliver your desired look.  Over 15 years I have performed thousands of treatments in eye, lip and brow tattooing and have only had 2 dissatisfied clients – my results speak for themselves. I’m also very conservative with treatments, so you’ll never receive something too out there!

  1. How do I choose the colour?

This is actually not difficult at all! During our comprehensive consultation we speak at length about your desired outcome and I take into account the ‘hue’ of your skin to ensure the colour settles well for your skin colour and type. There is also what we call the ‘perfection stage’ of the treatment process where we make final adjustments to your semi-permanent make up. We can fine tune the colour (e.g. I can make it slightly lighter or darker) to get it absolutely perfect! Very easy and no problem at all.

2. Will it hurt?

There’s no need to worry about pain! I use a topical anaesthetic before all treatments (excluding hair stroke brows because the moisture of the cream affects the viscosity of the skin and therefore affecting the crispness of the individual hair strokes).  There’s also a different anaesthetic used during the procedure. Some ladies don’t even flinch while others may be a little more aware of the treatment. But you will be very comfortable throughout – your comfort is paramount to me!

Once I had a client whose allergies prevented her from going through with the treatment. So she left, took anti-histamines for 48 hours and returned for her cosmetic tattooing! No one has ever not been able to withstand the treatment – you don’t need be concerned about pain.

3. I don’t want to look ‘dressed up’ or ‘too fancy’ all the time!

Trust me – you won’t! An experienced artist/technician will be able to create the most natural, subtle and perfect work to deliver absolute symmetry ensuring you just look beautiful all the time. People always comment that my clients look really healthy and well. If you do want to be more dressed up then you can apply as much makeup as you wish!

4. Is cosmetic tattooing expensive?

Most of my clients tell me it’s the best money they’ve ever spent! Cosmetic tattooing is an investment in you! You’re paying for convenience, perfection, symmetry, youth and beauty. 98% of my clients say they wish they had done it years ago.

5. I’m worried because it lasts forever!

Not true at all! Depending on the procedure you have done, this should only be called semi-permanent makeup, as it only lasts from 1-3 yrs. This is a good thing because as it fades, you may wish to change the shape, colour and thickness, all of which we can do!

My next blog will be covering which procedure to have performed first – you might be surprised with the answer! Please call or message me if you would like to discuss your treatment options further.


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