It finally happened, but cosmetic tattoing saved my weekend!

I spent Easter in Sydney with my fashionable, beautiful, sexy and kind 25 year old daughter. (I was asking for trouble being in her company wasn’t I?) Keep reading this story does a spin.

I felt old – I’m about to turn 50. I’ve never felt old before. I’m carrying weight, I don’t feel comfortable in my clothes and just felt inferior. This wasn’t my daughter’s fault – it was mine.
Being amongst the clothing stores and all the beautiful, young people in the hippest places in Sydney was not good for my self-esteem.  And of course they insist on taking photos! Not great when I didn’t have any makeup on. But you know what, I didn’t look nearly as old as I felt!

Seriously, realising this was a game changer for me. In an instant I was able to say to myself “yep, maybe I have let go of exercise, yep I am getting older – but thank god for my cosmetic tattooing!” Because this subtle art gives me colour in my face, making me appear fresh and alive.

This was very real for me this weekend and quite private actually. My thinking could’ve gone either way:

  1. Accept that I’m not getting younger and feel terrible about it (no thanks) OR
  2. Be grateful for cosmetic tattooing! Use the confidence boost it gave me to motivate me to lift my game with exercise, be grateful for this life I lead, the wisdom that I have and the beautiful children I have created!

This was a bit deeper than my normal posts! You may not choose Cosmetic Tattooing (an amazing little beauty hack) and that’s fine – but don’t succumb to the old feeling either! Be happy, proud and grateful when you look in the mirror, and look to change what isn’t working.

This is my fabulous daughter – now off to exercise!


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