OMG Lip Tattooing FAQ

Lip Tattooing FAQ (what actually happens)

OMG you think eyebrows are the bomb… Or everyone else does at the moment, Microblading, Feather Eyebrows, Powder Eyebrows, just Eyebrows in general, but i am here to tell you, that is not the game changer for any woman (in particular us oldies aka mature or wise women) lol. If your lips are thin, pale, uneven, disappearing, wrinkled, air they just do  not look like a rose bud anymore, well there is a solution for you. Its called Full Lip Tattooing… don’t worry im  not suggesting you tattoo anchors or crosses on your lips, im suggesting to have colour very delicately applied to your lips, with a tiny little machine (partnered only by an experienced artist), to re define your lipline, colour and lip shape.  The results are magnificent and depending on the colour it lasts for about 2-3 years then just fades with time.

Your colour can be strong or elegantly subtle and only takes 2 treatments at 1.5 hours and 5 weeks apart. This is what happens at your treatment. Pending you don’t get coldsores (if you do i want you to take a double dose of lysine for 2 weeks before, get yourself some famvir tablets from over the the pharmacy counter). Ok now you are prepped then you visit the salon you have chosen to help you.

I can only speak about my salon naturally but this is what happens. 

You come through the door and i introduce myself and immediately apply some topical numbing cream to your lips (this is your/our best friend), as those lips are going numb, you fill out some forms and then we talk about your desired outcome of colour, shape aftercare etc and i ask a few other questions so i can ensure the colour we choose will do the right thing when it is applied to the skin (ie go the right colour).  Then through to the magic room, where i draw up your lips, you ok the shape and we are off. The first pass tends to be the most foreign and can be a little ouchy in a couple of spots. The process takes 1 hour and then you have the brightest lips you have ever seen, sounds scary… maybe a little, but you can work, you can drink (through a straw), no kissing for 24 hours though.  After 2-3 days this top layer of exaggerated colour peels off the skin and you are left with only about 30-40% of the colour (this can be disheartening as you feel it hasn’t worked). I assure you it has, now the lips settle and heals over the next 5 weeks before we do this again and get maximum amount of pigment back into your lips. Another 2-3 days of dry bright lips and then you will be more pleasantly surprised. And the very best of this is your lips are now perfectly shaped and coloured and of course you can still wear any colour lipstick and…… it  stays on the lips sooo much longer.

In all seriousness the results are magnificent and feminine. Something so little will give you an amazing boost of confidence and it will be subtle. All my work is age appropriate, I am Rachael Bebe with 15 years experience in the industry. Numerous further education in Cosmetic Tattooing and a qualified trainer and assessor (although not training any more).

You probably still have some questions, please feel free to pick up the phone and ring me or take advantage of the complimentary 15 min consultation, where we can meet and help you assess if this is the solution for you.

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