Something quite unknown, but pretty amazing! Cosmetic lip tattooing.

Lip tint, colour, permanent makeup, or tattooing… these are some treatment that I’m going to tell you all about today. This is my favourite procedure that I perform! The outcome is brilliant, the results are stunning and sooo natural (or if you’d love a bold, red colour that’s totally possible!)

Lip colour deposits pigment into the lips via a scratching action. No it doesn’t hurt – I use super dooper anaesthetics. The end results gives you a more fuller, symmetrical, hint of even coloured lip.

This is not for you if:

  • Actually I am a little biased, but I can’t think of a person who wouldn’t benefit from this, even the 25+ girls are loving it  (they do tend to have a more full result than our gorgeous maturing ladies)

This is perfect for you if:

  • Your lips are uneven
  • Your lips have Faded
  • Your lips are Shrinking with age
  • You are getting quite lined around the mouth
  • You are wanting a little more natural fullness around your mouth, without fillers (not bagging fillers but they aren’t for everyone)
  • You are feeling a little old due to every thing ‘heading south’ (see photos)
  • Feel that your face is lacking colour
  • You cannot keep lipstick on
  • You cannot be bothered wearing lipstick anymore
  • You are too busy to worry about makeup
  • You are wanting to age gracefully yet naturally.

All Cosmetic Tattooing/Permanent makeup is age appropriate work by myself, and I do pride myself on the fact that I can tattoo the biggest boldest most perfect brows on our young girls and then the most subtle amount of colour and shape for my divine older ladies (just quietly, these are the ladies that get the biggest amount of satisfaction out of permanent makeup!)

What you wouldn’t know:

  • Not every tattooist is qualified to do this, so be very careful not to be an experiment.
  • It really wont be sore!!!! Really
  • You do need to make sure you have nothing “special’ on for 48 hrs after (well you can do anything, but your lips will be quite intense)
  • If you get cold sores please discuss this with me however the ‘famvir’ tablets over the counter will be great for prevention on the cold sore.
  • This will last about 2-3 years.
  • Your lips feel really tight for 3 days (so you keep some bepanthen cream or Vaseline on them)
  • Your end result will not look made up but very soft feminine perfect shaped and coloured lips.
  • Some ladies just choose the lip liner to correct the shape, this too can be beautiful and subtle
  • I can even perform ombre lips (darker outliner, blended with another color, a little more made up again)
  • Yes of course you can wear any colour lipstick over the top also.

So ring to have a chat or even SMS for a 15 min complimentary appointment – or we can even Facetime to discuss how this can work for you. My number is 0405 335 159 and I can’t wait to hear from you!

Please Note all photos are straight after the procedure and need to fade by 40%


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