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SAVE SAVE SAVE by investing in Rachaels VIP 2019 offer. Only 10 available.

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3 Tiers Use by 1/12/19

$1500 ($2000 value) 25% disc

$1230 ($1450) 15% disc

$740  ($825)  10% disc

I can organise a plan for you based on your individual requirements. Or between purchased date and 1/12/2019

you can choose any of the below anti ageing treatments at your leisure. This can be shared between 2 people also.

Microblading Eyebrows     $700

Ombre Eyebrows                  700

Microblading with Ombre   850

Full Lip                                  $770

Lipline & Blend                     550

Upper Eyeliner thick          $500

Upper Eyeliner thin              400

Lower Eyeliner                      300


Dermal needling                 $300

Epidermal levelling             $100

Facial Peel                              $90

Ipl Face                                 $150

Ipl Chest                               $250

Rejuvenate Collagen          $150

Lash Perm & Tint                  $95

Spray Tan                              $40


**Dermal Needling is a phenomenal method for dramatically improving the skins functionality and slowing and improving visible signs of ageing. Max 4 a year (this is the next best thing to a face lift) 48 hours of possible redness, however you can still go out and work.

**Epidermal Levelling this is possibly my favourite treatment ever, making the skin come alive in 15 mins, best pick me up, your skin is left radiant and glowing after removing the fine peach fuzz and the top layer of skin.

** Facial Peel is not as nasty as it sounds. A very comfortable 15 min procedure, when you leave your skin looks and feels radiant and maybe …just maybe you will notice a little dryness and peeling on day 3 (only maybe), great for turning over the dead skin quickly.

**IPL Face and Chest is where we ‘zap’ the brown and red spots, pigmentation on the skin, it turns brown for about 7-9 days before falling off leaving the skin clear and looking 5 years younger. (you can still wear makeup and go to work however the skin is quite ‘yuk’ for 7-9 days).

**Rejuvenate the collagen in our skin is just a very sneaky painless dermal treatment to active skin activity again (anti ageing). No downtime whats ever (4 treatments over 8 weeks is brilliant).

Terms & Conditions

Not redeemable for cash. Must use by 1/12 no changes. Full payment upfront. Procedures may only be redeemed on working days. If using Afterpay add 6% to the amount. (Black out period 19/3/2019-15/4/2019).


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