Why do I need an artist experienced in Microblading (my cousins wifes work is amazing)?

Unfortunately the world I live in with microblading and cosmetic tattooing is just tarnished with bad photos of poor work. Please note, in all fairness new artisits  do need to start somewhere, but I personally am wasting so much of my time fixing poor work/Brows. New technicians just need to practise more on latex and family/friends. Sadly, this is just lack of experience, and I feel for these ladies I really do. But in this industry experience is the bomb. Over 15 years (including training students) I have learnt how to prevent most issues from occurring, but every lady is a challenge, her skin is different, so is her origin (yep your origin changes how we treat the skin, your age, your skin condition, I have a tricky little foolproof system now with questions I ask, prevent doing anything she doesn’t want. Retention of the colour is a whole different thing again, and even though I see you back for your refresher in 6 weeks, not a lot of work is needed here (this is a good thing). The Brows I create aren’t based on what I want to do, but you and the beautiful calliper technique (all as per your facial and bone structure). My continuous yearn education ensures up-skilling with techniques pigments etc. Experience and education is king, you want the best result, you pay for what you get. The ladies that are new to the industry just need to practise (and they have social media now, i didn’t have that to learn from),  generalising of course, but her skills will be up to scratch soon. Anywho lol there is plenty of info for you on my website in the ‘education’ area. Do your homework, then you can strut your stuff with your new treated area.

So in conclusion, if you are a lady who wants perfect eyebrows, then you pay for them, this is why the expereienced ladies are dearer, because our work is worth it, every cent actually. If you are not too phased about the end result (as they might start the  fade in about 12 months… then you know the answer).  Be educated on the whole procedure, you deserve it, dont keep looking at bad photos, this treatment is sensational.


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