Payment Plan


Have Microblading & Cosmetic Tattooing now, PAY LATER!

This is a fabulous option for the lady who wants brows now

Why use our payment plan option?

The Fees are very simple and straight forward with the PayRight Payment Plan?

This payment plan includes $0 interest.

There is a once off from $5 establishment fee for a 2 month plan.
(account keeping fee of 0.81c per week & repayment processing fee of $2.95).

How do I organise an appointment with a payment plan system?

Please contact me, i will make you an appt and begin the process,
PayRight will send you a text message and then you click the link & follow the prompts.

On approval, you are notified (very quickly)

How do I get started?

If you wish to set up a payment plan with us please call me on 9787 7716 .

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