9/10 Ladies Want the same Thing When Considering PMU & Microblading in 2023

Consensus says ‘We are Busy, time-poor,  feeling old & not so beautiful anymore’. My ladies also claim to be looking for beauty hacks & time-saving ideas across life often complaining of trying to have perfect makeup every day, while battling with the fact that more time is needed to look and feel great. The day starts with… get your brows right…..  or find the perfect lipstick,  or find yourself constantly checking for panda eyes… then off to work.. 

What if i was to tell you there is a solution, a time saving beauty hack, promising you to walk out the door earlier, more calm feeling fresh? Imagine that.  

99% of my ladies comment ‘They wish they had done this earlier’. 

With perfect Eyebrows Eyeliner and full lip shape with color, you will save 20 mins every day, at a price that is so affordable.. for busy ladies who want to look and feel their best all the time. 

Introducing Microblading & Permanent Makeup. Now that you know about this, where do you start with research… you haven’t got time for that either, its too hard, and the ’what ifs’ come to mind.. well, 

I have 20 years of Microblading & PMU  Experience, constantly upskilling, delivering magnificent (age-appropriate) results with a guarantee. Testimonials speak for themselves 

A face time 15 min consultation could be an idea for you, or a consultation at my salon (its complimentary) my Salon. Alternatively, feel free to book your own appt at 

It’s interesting that Microblading & Eyebrows are all the trend… ironically i think that the eyeliner & Lips are the procedures that really make the difference. But that's just my advice after 1000’s of procedures over the years.

A Checklist to find the Right Lady to Perform your Permanent Makeup or Microblading  in 2022

You need to make sure she is/has: 

✅️  Experienced (preferably a few years) 

✅️  Passionate 

✅️  Guaranteed with her work 

✅️  Immaculately clean 

✅️  Constantly learning and training 

✅️  Listening to your DESIRED outcome. 

✅️  Friendly 

✅️  Several testimonials 

My 300+ testimonials can be found here: 

Your Cosmetic Tattooist Should be:

✅️  Listen to you and your needs

✅️  Adept in Cosmetic Tattooing Color Knowledge 

✅️  Ethical 

✅️  Qualified 

✅️  Insured 

✅️  Age Appropriate for you 

✅️  Brilliant enough for you 

✅️  Invested in advance equipment 

✅️  Comfortable throughout the procedure 

✅️  Certified 

You can find my certificates here: 

Your Cosmetic Tattooist should ensure

✅️  Comfort throughout the procedure 

✅️  Results 

✅️  Satisfied Clients 

✅️  Keep the process smooth from beginning to ending 

✅️  Always approach her work with perfection 

✅️  A Professional Demeanour throughout your Cosmetic Tattoo Treatment

Your post-treatment is imperative, inquire about: 

✅️  After support (chats about concerns) 

✅️  At the perfection stage will she also be treating you that day? 

✅️  What to expect in the treated area for 1-3 years? 

✅️  Is your Aftercare provided and does she give you Before & After Photos.

Aftercare video is here:

Feel free to share this little guideline with your friends or you can always consult me to save yourself from troubles. I guarantee you the perfection in my work. See you soon!

How to draw perfectly draw eyebrows (for any face)

How to Draw Up an Eyebrow Perfectly

No matter the age,  whether you are blonde, grey, red or brunette, we all need brows, and every set is individual,  for your face only. I can do 12 best girlfriends (i have just recently done a group of 4 besties), and not one of their brows looked that same because none of them had the same facial bone structure.

You will straight away think 'well i don't want eyebrows like my nanas or my daughters', agreed, this is where the thickness of the brow (that being down towards the lid not up the forehead) is relevant and then the actually technique and knowledge of the artist performing your brows. She will need to use, different hair strokes, colors, depth, tails, fullness, and front hairs. But essentially if you embrace and practice this technique, your brows will be amazing.

Then when you get sick of doing them.... you call me. I then do the 'hard work' and make sure they are perfect day in day out for the next 12-18 months. So you go and rehearse these rules and enjoy your new age-appropriate brows. Your welcome x lol

 I spent Easter in Sydney with my fashionable, beautiful, kind, sexy, 25 years old daughter. (Was I asking for trouble being in her company?) Keep reading this story does a spin. 

I felt old, about to turn 50. I've never felt so old before. I'm carrying weight, I don't feel comfortable in my clothes - I felt inferior. This wasn't my daughter's was mine. Being in the clothing stores and all the beautiful, young people in the hippest place in Sydney was not really good for my self-esteem. They insisted on taking photos which is not great when I didn't have any make-up on. But you know what? I didn't look nearly as old as I felt. 

Seriously, realising this actually gave me confidence. In an instant, I was able to say to myself, "Yep, maybe I have to let go of exercise. Yep, I'm getting older but thank god for my Permanent Makeup" 

It is because of this subtle art (called Cosmetic Tattooing), i Had color in my face, making me appear fresh and alive. And evenly beautiful from inside-out. This was very real for me this weekend and quite private. My thinking could have gone either way: 

Either Accept that I'm not getting younger and feel terrible about it or Be grateful for cosmetic tattooing! And use the confidence boost to motivate myself up to lift my game with exercise, be grateful for this life, to use the wisdom that I have, and be happy with the beautiful children I have created. 

This might be a simple story yet this was deeper than my normal posts. You may not choose Cosmetic Tattooing (an amazing beauty hack) and that's fine - but don't succumb to the old feeling either. Be happy, proud, and grateful when you look in the mirror. Be the woman you have always wanted to be.

All Procedures are Made with Love Ciao Rachael Bebe x