9/10 Ladies Want the Same Thing... What is that?

Still unsure about having your brows Microbladed...
How beautiful are these results. Her brief was subtle, not too dark or thick. Obviously any thing i was going to do was going to be quite noticeable to her so... as always I created beautiful natural brows knowing i could go thicker and darker next time (if she wanted), guess what... she did, and below are the different stages.
Moral to the story.... i want to know what you don't want... If i was to ask you what you want.. you would probably say to me, ' I want natural looking brows, with a good colour, not too thick or dark, and i would love a great shape'

How do i know this... because 9/10 ladies ask for the same thing. And we are not all the same so i need to 'probe' you (for want of a better word to find out what you dont want). And i guarantee you won't get this. Collectively with this technique i have delighted clients and that just makes my day too.