Eyeliner Tattooing

              .55cents for framed colour eyes for 2 years, no smudging or guesswork.

Is what I believe every woman should have. The colour that is applied around the eyes just makes them pop with colour and life, again they sparkle, this new splash of colour around your eyes is a very easy quick trick to make you appear younger, not to mention the absolute convenience. 

A little colour fades before I see you again in 5 weeks to redeposit some more colour to make sure it lasts a few years. Beautiful framed eyes day in day out (and when you go out, apply more, thicker, longer, wings)! There are a few prices here $550 for a thicker upper eyeliner, or $440 for a natural eyeliner or $300 for the lower. PACKAGE price if you are having the lower done at the same time as the upper... the price of the lower is just $100.


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