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Cosmetic Tattooing Specialist

Meet Rachael Bebe Cosmetic Tattoo and Microblading Specialist of 16 years

 Rachael Bebe is based on the Mornington Peninsula and has been performing Permanent Makeup for 20 years.​​​​​​​



My Experience is what should impress you most, and that is 20 years, of Cosmetic Tattooing together with Cosmetic Skin Treatments, and basic beauty procedures.  My passion was the creative artistic side being the Cosmetic Tattooing and I took to doing more and more courses, I became so busy with Cosmetic Tattooing, Feather Touch Brows & Microblading, that it took over my business and now thats all I do at my beautiful Salon In Mt Eliza.

 How lucky was I…now I am doing what i love day in day out. (and….. get paid for it…. big bonus).

There was more though,  I found that I gravitated to a mature aged woman,  our skins are more difficult to deposit colour into accurately and precisely, my lady always hated the fact that they were ageing, and didn’t feel fabulous like they used to. So after the Cosmetic Tattoo treatment whether it be Microblading, Feather Brow, Powder Brows, Lip Tattooing or Cosmetic Tattooed Eyeliner, she was leaving looking and feeling amazing.

 It was then i realised my hobby, my passion, my desire was to empower women, to make the 45+ lady feel beautiful again in her own skin…. all through the use of Colour.

Now 20 yrs ago when I began, ladies didn’t discuss with their friends that they had had Cosmetic Tattooing performed, as it was “Vain”, and no woman wants to fit into that category… Right? (Well I have an answer for that), Look good feel great.. 

Simples, are you worth it? 

My word you deserve it! 

All you have done for your family, and you want a little colour in your life,  it is simple yet we don’t make it ok to look after ourselves. Yes we are ageing, yes things are heading south, yes someone threw some lines on our face while we slept, and snuck a lot of fat into our food while we weren’t looking… and pretty soon (if it hasn’t already happened), someone is going to throw climate change into our bodies to mess with everything else. 

The Positive….. we are still alive… Look after yourself, be true to yourself and you are entitled to love yourself. So if you hate drawing on your eyebrows everyday, have them applied beautifully (they are even waterproof), if you can’t see to apply your eyeliner anymore, have it applied so you know it won’t smudge or wear off during the day. If you are wondering where your lip colour and shape went, but not yet ready to have them filled (although this can be done very tastefully) have some colour and shape applied to them to look like little rosebuds again. These are procedures that take on 1-2 hrs, and last for 12months - 3 years.

Please inspect Reviews bit.ly/3595starreviews  (to know you are in safe hands)

Please check out fb page Rachael Bebe Microblading & Cosmetic Tattooing
                                            OR http://www.cosmetictattoosbyrach.com.au/

If you message me I will send you the most recent Cosmetic Tattooing photos (not chosen photos… why because they are all beautiful)

Moral to the story…. if you want to feel and look amazing and this is a procedure that could work for you.

I have the experience in years

I have the passion to look after you like no one else would

I have the experience with mature skins

I won’t send you home with lips or brows like your daughters lol

I offer money back Guarantee if by the end of the procedures you aren’t in love with the new you, this rarely gets redeemed,

Because I listen to what you want, and don’t give you that.

Be Empowered Again Ladies…. and let me help you achieve that naturally.

From one ageing chicky babe to another! xx