13 Facts About Cosmetic Tattooing Not Talked About

There’s so much information online about the brilliant anti-ageing/beauty hack, but there are still a few things you probably aren’t aware of!

  1. This is not like a normal tattoo.
  2. Your Microblading or cosmetic tattooing is not permanent.
  3. You will want this redone in time (yes its contagious)
  4. Not all artists invest in amazing anaesthetics to ensure your comfort.
  5. Only 10% of this industry actually continue to upskill!
  6. Only the best photos are posted and most of the time they are edited (apparently).
  7. Your treatment may require 3 visits (does the price cover you for this?)
  8. Is there a guarantee on your work?
  9. While most of the training for this work only takes about 4 days, it’s essential that the newly qualified artists practices on latex vs people. But are they?
  10. Is the salon ‘single use products’and are they being disposed of properly? If not an autoclave should be present.
  11. Will the therapist you chose listen to you or just do as she wishes?
  12. The is my favourite. Unfortunately most ladies over 40 chose not to discuss how fantastic their new tattooed area is due to being a little shy and secretive about it. So the general public only hears and sees the bad online.
  13. Check the therapist you’re looking at has trained in what you are having done. Often training is only done in one area ie brows then they self train for lips and eyeliner.

Cosmetic Tattooing IS the biggest timesaver beauty hack ever in my opinion! So I hope this will help you make an informed decision when choosing your artist.

As Nike would say ‘just do it’…. its brilliant


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