Pain Free Cosmetic Tattooing

“I’d love Permanent Makeup but I need to psych myself up because I’m chicken and scared of pain!”

I hear this a lot at the enquiry stage, and I’m a total chicken too! So I made the conscious decision a long time ago to invest in amazing (and legal) cream anaesthetics to ensure your comfort throughout the treatment.

By legal, I mean, made locally and with legal ingredients with approved strengths. This is important because it means tests have been done to identify possible adverse reactions to these products. This is in your best interest, safe and effective to use!

A topical numbing cream is used in all of my Cosmetic Tattooing making the procedure so much more comfortable for you and therefore allows me to concentrate on creating perfect beautiful work for you, on your face.

Initially I numb the skin, proceed to draw in the area to be created and then another numbing cream is used throughout the treatment.

Other things that can affect your comfort levels include:

  • If you are fatigued
  • If it’s the first couple of days of your period
  • If you are particularly anxious

Aside from the above issues you will be impressed at how comfortable you are.

If it’s needles you are afraid of then don’t worry – this too is a misconception!
A needle is very fine and pierces the skin very easily and quite deep without leaving a mark, whereas the permanent makeup or Cosmetic Tattooing procedures literally scratch the skin, and sits color in the skin at the same time. I actually think a splinter hurts more!

In actual fact as the numbing cream wears off there is a weird feeling (it’s the anaesthetic leaving the skin) but even the treated area will be very comfortable (just a little tender). Your eyes will feel tender for the rest of the day and on days 2-4 your lips will feel dry.  That’s it!

So if your question is “will the cosmetic tattooing hurt?” No – it won’t! Mind you, not everyone uses whiz bang anaesthetic creams though J

After all, all ladies are princesses and should always be treated accordingly xxx


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