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9/10 Ladies Want the Same Thing in 2023 ..What is it, you ask, Eyebrow Tattooing Melbourne.

Consensus says ‘We are Busy, time poor,  feeling old & not so beautiful anymore’. My ladies also claim to be looking for beauty hacks & time saving ideas across life often complaining  of trying to have perfect makeup everyday, while battling with the fact that  more time is needed to look and feel great. The day starts with… get your brows right…..  or find the perfect lipstick,  or find yourself constantly checking for  panda eyes… then off to work..

What if i was to tell you there is a solution, a time saving beauty hack, promising you to walk out the door earlier, more calm feeling fresh? 

Imagine that, Eyebrow Tattooing Melbourne and Eyeliner Tattooing Melbourne

99% of my ladies comment ‘They wish they had done this earlier’. 

With perfect Eyebrows Eyeliner and full lip shape with colour, you will save 20 mins everyday, at a price that is so affordable.. for busy ladies who want to look and feel their best all the time.

Introducing Microblading & Cosmetic Tattooing. Now that you know about this, where do you start with research… you haven’t got time for that either, its too hard, and the ’what ifs’ come to mind.. well,

I have 20 years of Microblading & Cosmetic Tattooing Experience, constantly up skilling, delivering magnificent (age appropriate) results with a guarantee. Testimonials speak for themselves https://bit.ly/seemyreviewsforyourself

A face time 15 min consultation could be an idea for you, or a 30 min consultation at my salon ($30 )at my salon. Alternatively feel free to book your own appt at https://bit.ly/bookhereplease

It’s interesting that Microblading & Eyebrows are all the trend… ironically i think that the eyeliner is the procedure that really make the difference.
But thats just my advise after 1000’s of procedures over the years. Love to read more https://www.rachaelbebe.com.au/education/

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