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Am I too old for Cosmetic Tattooed Eyebrows?

Do you constantly put other people and things first before treating yourself? I think this is a natural trait of women and mothers. What we don’t realise is that this is at the detriment of our own wellbeing. Did you know back in the 1920’s when there was war, poverty, poor health sadness and loneliness was at its peak, woman would buy lipsticks…yep thats all it took to make them feel beautiful and of worth again.  Its fair to say times have changed considerably (thank goodness to those who fought for us), but the fact still remains, we put ourselves last even though usually we are the heart and soul of the home.

A pattern has occurred in my business over the 20 years i have been tattooing, for many years, women especially mothers of boys, would come in and one day decide its ‘now time for them’.  And while i have found that the younger woman is now looking after herself more frequently to make herself feel of worth and beautiful, our baby boomers are retracting from looking after themselves.

In saying this i have seen a routine occurring that is:

Madam enquires about Permanent Makeup, something she has heard about that will fix her brows issues, or problems trying to apply eyeliner, or correct her ageing thinning pale lips.

…she is interested

…..she does a bit of research

…….she is more interested

Mind you she still hasn’t discussed this with her friends, its like its  naughty or bad or cheating beauty.

..but wait.. Now she sees bad pics of all the disgusting inexperienced work

….and there are more bad photos, she is retracting, she’s scared

….thats on hold now, but not forgotten about

….time passes, still thinking about those new brows  (then our guilt kicks back in about spending money on herself)

…..so she shops around for cheaper cosmetic tattooing (from less experienced technicians).

Ladies there comes a time in your life where you need to take time to look after yourself, and if Permanet makeup or Microblading which is the best ‘beauty hack’ ever is on your list, research for experience and meet your therapist, don’t price shop, ask for a guarantee of work, (because it is your face).

Once you have this little thing done for yourself you will look and feel a million dollars, no need to feel guilty, tell your friends, spread the word about this thing that almost makes you feel better than the holiday (or. you can have both lol).

My name is Rachael Bebe, and i have made it my mission to make ladies look and feel fabulous,  when my lady leaves the salon i don’t know who feels better… her or myself.

Its inevitable we are going to get old, everything heads south, but with a little added color and shape we can trick even ourselves. By the way… you are worth it, and i am sure any of your loved ones will also tell you to look after you.

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