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Eyebrow Tattooing Melbourne, What all The Hype is About 2023

Do you want to know the hype for now or 2 years ago?

2 years ago was the absolute peak of the hype for Microblading, (for those who dont know the difference), this is a divine procedure where tiny little hair strokes made of pigment are created on the skin to make your brow look so much more full, thick and potentially free and natural. They are absolutely divine... but only last about 12 months.
Ladies are falling in love with the powder, or misty, or soft brow, or nano brows, these brows are stunning, and can be as natural as we wish or as bold as we wish. Therefore we are able to create brows for blonde or mature ladies or for the gorgeous young ladies give them nice big thick bold brows (as that is their fashion atm).
These brows have basically the who area pigmented with a pixelated dot colour, they are just magnificent when done properly. 
You will be very comfortable in the 75 min procedure and the price covers you for the perfection stage too in 6 weeks. Choosing the colour for you is very important and ironically i always take into account your heritage, as this can play havoc with the end colour if it isn't chosen correctly.
These brows will remain darker and thicker for 4 days, i give you cream to apply for 4 days, no makeup cleanser or moisturiser on the brows during this time. Simples... if they get wet, dry them lol, if you are in doubt of what to do with your brows, pop a little of the cream on them, and dont forget to put the magic tape and the new magic spray on them i give you to ensure best healing conditions.

Budget on $1 a day for 2-3 years for these little life savers, time savers and refreshing kiss of colour to your face.... I just love them. Would you love to know more https://www.rachaelbebe.com.au/education/

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