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Eyeliner Tattooing Melbourne.. would you love to know More 2023?

First of all... this has been around for a very long time, in actual fact it was very popular back in the 90's.

Eyeliner Tattooing in my eyes is the  best thing you can do for yourself.... and if you are a blondy, OMG this is the bomb for you, when you have this done you will wake up with beautiful bright eyes everyday... then if you want to apply more eyeliner, you can, but you need not.

Eyeliner can be tattooed (we use that word as we are breaking the skin to pop the colour in, although not as deep as a normal tattoo), on the upper and or the lower eye area, amongst the lashes and above, but never in the wet line.

There are a huge range of eyeliner colours available, and even varying ranges of black, ie jet black soft black intense black, strong black, natural black, just to name the most popular. And what is right for you and your needs is not necessarily going to work on your best friend. You are individual and that matters even with your eyeliner colour.

Your eyeliner will be applied in 2 x 45 min sessions and last 3-5 years. You are then offered a special price to freshen up the colour before it all fades away.

Your downtime is something that can be so exaggerated. Its simple.. I suggest having a lash tint the week before, after having your eyeliner performed you cannot apply mascara or eye makeup until the new area has faded, usually day 4. I give you some cream to apply daily for 4 days and that's about it... Simples

Budget from 50Cents a day for 2.5 years of freedom!!!! 

There are few different types of Eyeliner you can select from:
1. Lash Enhancement (has the least amount of colour
2.Thicker Eyeliner (this is the most common especially if you already wear eyeliner daily)
3. A liquid eyeliner finish
4. An eyeliner that looks like an eyeshadow.

Here are some photos for your interest:

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