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How to draw perfectly draw eyebrows (for any face)

No matter the age,  whether you are blonde, grey, red or brunette, we all need brows, and every set is individual,  for your face only. I can Microblade 12 best girlfriends (i have just recently done a group of 4 besties), and not one of their brows looked that same, because none of them had the same facial bone structure, welcome to the art of Eyebrow Tattooing in Melbourne.
You will straight away think 'well i dont want eyebrows like my nanas or my daughters', agreed, this is where the thickness of the brow (that being down towards the lid not up the for head) is relevant and then the actually technique and knowledge of the artist performing your brows. She will need to use, different hair strokes, colours, depth, tails, fullness and front hairs. But essentially if you embrace and practice this technique, your brows will be amazing.

Then when you get sick of doing them.... you call me. I then do the 'hard work' and make sure they are perfect day in day out for the next 12-18 months. So you go and rehearse these rules and enjoy your new age appropriate brows. Your welcome x lol

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