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So what is PMU or Powdered Eyebrow tattooing?

What is “Hair Stroke/Feathered/Embroidered Brows”?

Hair Stroke/Feathered Brows/Embroidered Brows are all the same thing. Hair stroke / Feathered and Embroidered Brows. Depending on who you talk to and where they had their Cosmetic Tattooing/Semi Permanent Makeup/Permanent Makeup done may be the difference between what they call their own procedure.

Let me differentiate between Block/Powder Finish and Hair stroke / Feathered and Embroidered Brows.

The original form of eyebrow tattoo was called a block finish (now a more divine version of this is a powder finish).
Essentially, this involves pigment (aka colour) being deposited in the skin giving a gorgeous powder finish, whilst still maintaining a beautiful shape and end result.

Powdered eyebrows

What is Nano Brows, Hair Stroke/Feathered and Embroidered Brows? 

To make things simple, they are all the same thing, it depends on who you talk to and where they had their Cosmetic Tattooing done. Each one of us Tattooist has a preferred procedure (obviously what we were trained in), i would suggest nano brows as it is the most beautiful natural and gentle on the skin for eyebrow tattooing. 

Block/Powder Finish, Hairstroke/Feathered Brows, and Embroidered Brows 

Powder Finish  involves pigment (aka color) being deposited in the skin giving a gorgeous powder  finish while maintaining a beautiful shape and perfect result. This style of eyebrow tattoo will last 3-5 years. Then recently, a more delicate procedure came in the mix: Hairstroke/Feathered Brows and Embroidered Brows. This procedure mimics the actual hair, with fine mismatched lines and the result? More natural-looking shaped brows. 

This style of eyebrow tattoo will need to be redone in 12 months, this will make the eyebrow look not so faded again. Both of the above procedure use pigment (not ink like body tattoo). This pigment is water-based and disperses into the skin over time. There is more pigment in the powdered brows than HFE brow which makes it last longer. Both techniques have their place and if performed correctly, it can have a stunning outcome. 

How do you decide what is best for you? 

A powdered brow can be beautiful, natural, and subtle which is fabulous for blondes and more mature ladies. While HFE Brows uses a darker color but the thin lines are scattered quite uniformly which makes the color appear lighter at the end result. 

Both techniques will give you a great result. There are some shocking stories out there about eyebrow tattooing and by carefully selecting the right artist, you will find ultimate satisfaction from the absolute divine work. Do your homework, research, and speak with your chosen tattooist to check she is on the same page as you. The right tattooist listens to your needs and desires. Let me tell you something, every time a lady had her brows done, her comment is "Oh my God! I wish I had done this year ago." 

Before you want your eyebrows done, look at why you want it: 

• Is it for daily comfort? 

• Are you sick to death of penciling them every day? 

• Do you need a lift and this will make you feel and look better? 

• Did your brows disappear? 

• Your vision is poor and you can't see them? 

• Are your brows, uneven? 

• Or...your face needs some color and shape? 

The Actual Procedure 

The treatment will take between 1-2.5 hours. During this time you'll have a topical anesthetic applied to your brows making the whole treatment much more comfortable. Remember, most good tattooists require you to return in 6 weeks for assessment of the result so far. The tattooist will then fine-tune your new brows and if they need, more color, shape, length, and thickness. This doesn't mean that you'll be walking around with sub-standard brows rather the second procedure pulls it all together nicely for a perfect 3D result on completion. 

Don't think about how expensive this treatment for you, instead find the right person, secure your booking and save up. After all, it is your face and your face needs to be treated perfectly. 

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