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Should i have my Eyebrows Tattooed  in Bali in 2023, its so much cheaper?

Overseas tattooing ,why does it last longer and much cheaper?

Great question and one with really simple answers.
A. There are different regulations here in Australia to a lot of the Asian countries tattooing.
B. Definitely hygiene plays a key role here.
C. Because they are only using inks in the skin.
D. They tattoo deep in the skin (like a normal body tattoo).
E. Generally they are not afraid of colour migration.

To expand on that

A. In Australia, with Cosmetic Tattooing we are only permitted to use pigments in the skin.
B. While the hygiene is still regulations here are still far from perfect (with monitoring etc), single use or autoclaved systems are in play, and generally the overall expectation of a salon Tattooing is of a high standard.
C. Pigments and inks differ, a pigment is more pure therefore fading away, but inks are permanent.
D. The deeper ink sits in the skin the longer it lasts.
E. Colour migration is where the ink spreads out under the skin, so no longer do you have a nice sharp outline.

A biased but educated opinion coming up…….In summary feel free to get cheap Cosmetic Tattooing overseas, is a wee bit of a risk, i hope you love the shape, the colour might change a little but it will last a lifetime, and just trust the hygiene system. Personally i much prefer the idea of having my Microblading/Cosmetic Tattooing refreshed every 12-24 months in beautiful, clean accredited salon environments, i might even alter the colour and shape a little each time.

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