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So what is Rachael's story

         Back in 2003, I decided to learn this thing called Cosmetic Tattooing. The course back then was still 4 days except that I flew my trainer to Melbourne to teach me. I always like to do new things and little did I know this course, become my future for my work and my passion/hobby all in one. How lucky am I to be doing what I love in my daytime job? There's no greater joy than doing the things you love. 

         Along the way, I continued to invest in training in both the beauty and Cosmetic Tattooing world. However, the tattooing wasn't really well known. The thing is, the ladies that had done it, loved it but didn't want to tell their friends. :( But it doesn't stop me, I proceeded to do online courses, then I started hearing about this procedure called 'hair strokes.' In 2006, I started taking myself off to do this course (Oh my! The training was terrible), so from that day forward, I focused following cosmetic tattooing overseas and the international world of permanent make-up. The standard was high, the industry was alive, there is more online education, then I discovered Phi. 

         Phi is a huge educational group in Europe that is taking the world by storm, their standards are soooo high, the student need to practice for so many hours and it was insane. And now, I'm Phibrows certified, phi removal certified (the 1st in Australia who've performed this training), and now phi contour (eyeliner and lips) certified. 

         What is the difference you might ask? Hundreds and hundreds of hours of training on latex, thousands of hours of work on clients. In Europe and the USA, they count their hours of work as experience (they literally know how many hours they have performed). I then studied harder and obtained my TAE (Training And Assessment) and become a qualified trainer. 

          Do I know everything? Never. Will I keep educating myself? Always. I love what I do more than you would ever know. The gravity of understanding this kind of passion is so much!  There are a lot of brilliant artists now, I like to think I'm one of them.

          So what makes my work different? My knowledge, my experience, my passion, my desire for perfection and my guarantee. My work is worth every cent you paid for. 

          Hi! I'm Rachael Bebe, and I would love to speak with you about achieving your desired result whether it is Microblading, Ombre or Powder Brows, Lip Tattooing or Eyeliner.