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Something quite unknown, but pretty amazing! Cosmetic lip tattooing.

Lip tint, colour, permanent makeup, or tattooing… these are some treatment that I’m going to tell you all about today. This is my favourite procedure that I perform! The outcome is brilliant, the results are stunning and sooo natural (or if you’d love a bold, red colour that’s totally possible!)

Lip colour deposits pigment into the lips via a scratching action. No it doesn’t hurt – I use super dooper anaesthetics. The end results gives you a more fuller, symmetrical, hint of even coloured lip.

This is not for you if:

This is perfect for you if:

All Cosmetic Tattooing/Permanent makeup is age appropriate work by myself, and I do pride myself on the fact that I can tattoo the biggest boldest most perfect brows on our young girls and then the most subtle amount of colour and shape for my divine older ladies (just quietly, these are the ladies that get the biggest amount of satisfaction out of permanent makeup!)

What you wouldn’t know:

So ring to have a chat or even SMS for a 15 min complimentary appointment – or we can even Facetime to discuss how this can work for you. My number is 0405 335 159 and I can’t wait to hear from you!

Please Note all photos are straight after the procedure and need to fade by 40%