Checklist to find the Right Artist For You in 2023

You need to make sure she is/has: 

✅️  Experienced (preferably a few years) 

✅️  Passionate 

✅️  Guaranteed with her work 

✅️  Immaculately clean 

✅️  Constantly learning and training 

✅️  Listening to your DESIRED outcome. 

✅️  Friendly 

✅️  Several testimonials 

My testimonials can be found here: 

Her works ought to be: 

✅️  Natural or how intense you desire your end result 

✅️  Adept in Cosmetic Tattooing Color Knowledge 

✅️  Ethical 

✅️  Qualified 

✅️  Insured 

✅️  Age Appropriate for you 

✅️  Brilliant enough for you 

✅️  Invested in advance equipment 

✅️  Comfortable throughout the proceudre 

✅️  Certified 

You can find my certificates here: 

Her testimonials have positive remarks about: 

✅️  Comfort throughout the procedure 

✅️  Results 

✅️  Satisfied Clients 

✅️  Kept the process smooth from beginning to ending 

✅️  Always approached her work with perfection 

✅️  Handled them professionally 

Your post-treatment is imperative, inquire about: 

✅️  After support (chats about concerns) 

✅️  At the perfection stage will she also be treating you that day? 

✅️  What to expect in the treated are for 1-3 years? 

✅️  Aftercare provided 

Aftercare video is here: 

Feel free to share this little guideline with your friends or you can always consult me to save yourself from troubles. I guarantee you the perfection in my work. See you soon!