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Want new lips without plumping?

Sick and tired of tiny, little, pale pink lips? Thought about having fillers injected into your lips but worried about the result, the money and the ongoing cost? What happens if they are too big and you’re stuck with them?! L

Well have I got the answer for you! You would have heard of it – it’s been readily available for years and it’s sneaky, with the most divine natural finish and lips to die for…

It’s called Cosmetic Lip Tattooing and to take it to the next stage, we can even perform 3D, making bigger, more voluptuous, stunning lips.

Cosmetic Lip Tattooing is performed with a little digital machine designed to deposit colour gently into the face and lip area, with minimal downtime and discomfort. The machine deposits the pigment (not ink like a body tattoo) into the lips (we can also do your eyebrows and eyeliner) leaving you with a stunning outcome and colour as you requested.

An outline is performed first – perfecting this is critical – as this is where we make the lips appear bigger with more shape. We then blend the lip and proceed to promptly fill in the lips with a chosen colour. 3D is where we use another 2 colours, which are applied and blended to ensure the lips look more full, pronounced and feminine again – with absolutely gorgeous results!

Now you have stunning full, permanently (2-3 years) coloured lips that just need gloss – and that’s only if you want to!

Rachael Bebe is based on the Mornington Peninsula and has been performing Cosmetic Tattooing for over 15 years. As the only Phibrows artist and Certified Trainer in the area, she travels throughout Melbourne teaching others her craft and is highly sought after for her expertise and experience.

To make an appointment give Rachael a call on 0405 335 159