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Is your Cosmetic Tattooist there? I hope so.

30 Years for the 1st Conference From the Heart

  In my industry, Cosmetic Tattooing & Microblading, we had our first-ever conference held here at Qld.
It was October 19-20, when two fabulous women from our industry, Georgie Westley and Jessika Brigginshaw pulled this all together. It was sensational, stunningly-brilliant, and informative - Yes, I loved it. Why? 16 years ago, when I was just starting in this field, it was safe to say there were only about 20 cosmetic tattoo artists in Melbourne. And now, there are a thousand of us, which is so exciting because I personally feel, to the services we offer, ensure that women improve their self-esteem and confidence (which is something important.)

I'm proud to say that women are feeling more beautiful. Us, women are becoming more empowered because we feel better about ourselves...do you have any idea how ecstatic this feels to be an artist to give the confidence and beauty these ladies deserve? It was amazing.

  Ohhhh, here's a fun fact: Do you know how many cuddles we need to have per day to blossom? According to Clare Martin of the business academy, 12 is the number. Well, nearly every woman that leaves my salon cuddles me! I'm a stranger, yet I'm worthy of a cuddle, it's because I made them feel so good about themselves.

            In the two-day conference, we had phenomenal international and local masters share their advanced skills with us. About a hundred female Cosmetic Tattooist Artists were taught and learned of the new and advanced ways to do it. Wow, after 16 years of experience of working alone, I as well learned from the masters. Was your tattooist one of the ladies who was there?

            We were so blessed to have the pioneer of the industry, Val GloverHovan (I have trained with her 10 years ago), speak at the conference; she even brought her old bamboo stick holder. Val, at nearly 80 years old still does 12 clients a day. No matter what procedure either lips, eyeliner, eyebrows, corrective tattooing, she only takes 40 minutes, which is something to aspire to.

From the conference, I naturally picked up many tricks, new little tools to try, the best & the latest techniques to implement. It drives my passion to serve more women and make them feel loved. I still continue to offer my free eyebrow treatment to cancer patients and alopecia sufferers. And you know what? These ladies usually cry when they see their brows (which is I know were genuinely happy tears).

            I’m 100% sure I met my calling in empowering women, which is of course, through the use of art and colors. This conference will further smash my ideas to the next level. Remember, when you pay a higher price for Microblading & Cosmetic Tattooing, aside from it will be done in the most beautiful and quality way, you are supporting her to pursue and learn about her passion. I have invested $8000 this year for myself to improve and make my services better.

On my website, there is a lot of information for you. There are pictures of my happy clients, answers to your questions, and informative blogs for you. Remove the risks, choose passionate artists who invest in their training for your beautiful face. After all, it’s your face, you deserve the best.