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This is why you need an Experienced Cosmetic Tattooist?

  The world we live in, in microblading and cosmetic tattooing industry is tarnished with bad photos of poor work. I understand that new artists need to start somewhere and to tell you the truth:I've been wasting so much of my energy on fixing poor brows, lips, or eyeliner.

Remember, if you're a new artist, you must practice more on latex and family/friends. Experience is the bomb in this industry; over 20 years (including training students) I have learned how to prevent most issues from occurring. Every lady is a challenge, their skin, their age, their skin condition and everything that might affect the treatment must be taken seriously. I have a foolproof system that prevents everything that might go wrong, I ask my clients a series of questions to precisely perform their desired result.

After the perfection stage (it usually takes 5-6), I'll see my clients back for their refresher. The brows I create aren't based on what I want to do but depending on their face combined with my caliper technique. With my continued pursuit of education and practice in this kind of craft, I improved drastically. Experience and education is king, if you want the best result, you must pay for what it. The ladies that are new to the industry need to practice and their skills will be as sharp as mine. Anyway, there's plenty of info for you on my website (https://bit.ly/cosmetictattoosbyrach)
 Do your homework then you can strut your stuff with your new treated area.

In conclusion, if you want perfect eyebrows, you must pay for it. This is why the experienced ladies are better because our work is phased about the end result. Be educated on the whole procedure, you deserve it, don't keep looking at bad photos, because my treatment is divine.

If you have any more inquiries or questions you can call me at 03-9787-7716. Let's have a chat and get the results you've been dreaming of.

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