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Eyeliner Tattooing Melbourne, Before And After Photos

Is it true, you really have this semi permanent eyeliner applied quite painlessly in less than an hour and it lasts for 2-3 years??

Yep…  and its pretty simply and its been around for ages (in fact 20 years ago it used to be more popular than the eyebrows).

So who is Eyeliner Tattooing Melbourne  for you may ask? So many ladies benefit from this across all ages, religions and cultures, why because it is darn brilliant.

I'm going to paint you a pic of your perfect morning (when you have just eyeliner tattooed on, we won’t even discuss eyebrows or full lip colour)!  You hop out of the shower

 and begin the nasty chore of applying your makeup  to make you look alive, often you feel better than you look lol ( us ageing know this more than the youngins). Slap moisturiser on, foundation, oops where are my glasses, found them, lift the glasses, on .. off.. and while they are off lets apply our eyeshadow, need 10x magnifying mirror, eyeshadow slapped on (prob the same way and the same colours you have used for 10 years right?) and this is ok too. 

    Now to apply the eyeliner squint, close eye and draw, hoping its in the right place, now the other eye, whoops thats uneven, wipe off and start again and so on… you know the drill.

Now for a ladies morning with tattooed eyeliner on.

Hop out of the shower, look in mirror, where to start… ooo my eyeliner is done, apply foundation, slap on eyeshadow and mascara, blusher, eyebrows  and lips (Often a struggle here to but thats another conversation), now wasn’t that easy. You can, if you choose to still apply more eyeliner (or not). 


  1. 1 less hassle in your morning
  2. no more uneven eyeliner application
  3. can even walk out the door without makeup, because now your eyes have more colour in them.
  4. Refreshingly pleasant around the eyes, really gives them a boost.
  5. Doesn’t come off at the beach or when you perspire (ladies don’t sweat lol)
  6. No more smudge eyeliner
  7. No more reapplying during the day required.


A numbing cream is applied to the eyelid skin for 10 mins prior to the treatment. Very gently using a delicate little machine the pigment is placed in the skin resulting in a lovely soft or darker liner around the eyes. This will last 2-3 years, and if you have the colour freshened up in about 2 years, its a fraction of the price.


On the day your eyes will feel quite tender.. like crying eyes for about 2 hours



Its great to ice the area, I give you a cream to apply to the tattooed area for 4 days, No mascara or eye make for that time. That is it as well.

Check out some more photos here. Would you love to read more https://www.rachaelbebe.com.au/education/

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