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Eyebrow Tattooing Melbourne


Powdered or Ombré Brows


(Includes perfection stage)

"Save yourself from a huge amount of Frustration!" -Rachael Bebe

This beautiful technique will create the perfect brow. It is just like when you pencil your brows for yourself.
The process is, when you arrive (you would already have your numbing cream on), i will ask you to fill in some forms, and then we will talk about what you do and dont want, I am creating these new Eyebrows for you, and I am listening to what you do and dont want, I have the added benefit of being able to work beautifully on an older skin too (it is different and needs to be treated accordingly).             . 

This brow technique is very natural and beautiful, the difference between this and microblading is there will be no skin showing through in between the hairs like there is with microblading. The brows can be delicately soft and subtle or most intense, (there is a misconception that these brows are like block brows... now way they are magnificent).
Naturally , these brows also  require the perfection stage, which is of course, in 6 weeks. Powdered/Ombre Brows will last about 2-3 years.

The price? $850 for this procedure and it includes the perfection stage, aftercare, and your guarantee. 


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