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Cosmetic Tattoo Microbladed Brows on Allopecia Client (this is a complimentary Service) Cosmetic Tattoo Microbladed Brows Lucy by Rachael Bebe Cosmetic Tattoo Eyeliner & Microbladed Brows on Judy by Rachael Bebe

Nano or Microblading Brows

Price $930

(Includes perfection stage)

Microblading (a form of Cosmetic Tattooing)  has been around for so many years, it became popular here in 2017. The results are so natural and allow the brow to best mimic a full natural brow. Microblading is for ladies with brows, sparse brows, poor vision, or someone who wants perfect brows all the time of the day! The process is simply placing pigment in the skin (like a scratch) mimicking your natural hair, with lots of little strokes together will create the most divine perfect eyebrows you could ever imagine, I can make these brows soft and natural or darker and more full. 

On an actual day, we'll have a very thorough consultation, discussing what you do and don't want. We'll be talking about your skin, expectations and age-appropriate results for you. While this is happening, I'll put a little numbing cream to ensure you to be comfortable throughout the procedure. 

After this, I'll draw up / measure your eyebrows as per your brow bones, eyes, nose, and mouth - and with your approval, I'll begin the treatment (which usually takes 75 minutes or more). 

On completion of your first treatment, you are advised how to look after your brows and you'll be given an aftercare pack. These gorgeous new eyebrows will require the perfection stage which is about 6 weeks then will offer you all the ease and benefit for 12 months (We'll be having an appointment after your perfection stage). The finished product will last up to 2-3 years. 

Are you looking for the right artists? Let me introduce myself. I'm Rachael Bebe. I have 16 years of experience in the Cosmetic Tattooing world. Phi Brows certified (the best brow training in the world), a qualified therapist, trainer, and assessor. If I'm your artist, you're in good hands. 

The price with a guarantee is $850 (it includes the perfection stage in 6 weeks) In 12 months, you will need a refresher of color before it all disappears (the price is $400 for existing clients). Are you looking for powdered brows and ombre brows? You're in luck! I also perfectly perform these treatments. 


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