ATTENTION: Be Educated, you need to know this about Microblading.

A female colleague of mine, who was training in the industry, contacted me yesterday in a quite distressed manner. She texted me:

"I think, I won't continue my training in microblading. The main reason is I had my microblading done twice over the last two years. What annoys me is no one told you that after a couple of times getting microblading done, you eventually have to go to powdered brows due to skin scarring in the brows. So I had to make a choice which I was disappointed as I like that more natural hair stroke. She said, eventually it will be all powdered brows. So I kind of got turned off. So why don't they educate clients on this before you lie on their bed or even on my course? They didn't explain the outcome after having it done. What're your thoughts about this?" -LC

My answer was, "Yes, I'm fully aware of this, it's always been the same and honestly, I just love powdered brows", (which goes under the radar for amazingness). Anyway, that's another story for another day. I have studied microblading for probably about 5years  (just the technique alone, not performed it, but studied it).

In my own definition, microblading is a process by which the small collection of pins are danced over the skin with a light even pressure, sufficient to deposit pigments to mimic your own natural hair. During this process, as with any graze, cut, abrasion to the skin, there is the potential for internal scarring. Microblading is an absolute art and the perfect way to create such art cannot be learned overnight. Microblading is complicated, if not done perfectly, it would damage the skin due to inexperience and lack of practice. If the procedure is performed correctly, there remains the build-up of color in the skin. This is where the complication potentially can occur, you can only have microblading performed 2-4 times (depending on the skin type), as your crisp hairs will lose their clarity and fade down still with a presence of pigment in the skin.

I personally don't see this as a problem, as the microblading is usually more free and bushy/natural, and by the time the lady has fallen in love with this brow, she is ready for more color and the brows to last longer. Microblading generally lasts 9-12 months then requiring a touch-up, the powdered brows last 2-3 years and at the same price.

In conclusion, No, I don't think it's a problem and I will discuss this with the clients more. I feel that POWDERED BROWS is the natural evolution of MICROBLADED BROWS.

The difference is, microblading has a very tiny amount of pigment scratched on the skin to mimic your own hair and a powdered brow has the pigment pixelated on the skin (similar on how you put make-up on your brows only 500% better).

When considering having your brows created, be educated . More information about Cosmetic Tattooing can be found here: 

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