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What is this eyeliner tattooing and will it be popular in 2023?

What is this eyeliner tattoo? I hate tattoos... well I am here to tell you, this is no ordinary tattoo, this will change your life, anyone’s age, not too old (the older the more appreciative of it you are). 

No more trying to apply even eyeliner every day, no more good eye bad eye application, no more smudging, no need to check or reapply during the day, no more panda eyes, no more just under eyeliner application because u don’t know how to apply it on the top, no more guess work because u can’t see, nothing to remove at night. And the benefits well... imagine this:

Getting up and having beautiful framed eyes

Getting up and looking alive not half dead

Getting up and having colour in your face

Being able to walk straight out the day if you wish, being able to do a sport, school drop off, going for a walk

Imagine just applying eyeshadow and mascara that’s only if you want to and can be bothered

Wait there’s more...

Imagine not needing to check the corner of your eyes for much

Not having to check during the day to see if it’s smudged

Not having to keep buying pencils til you find the right one

Not having to keep buying sharpeners that you continually lose

And now you have found the right pencil, keep finding it To repurchase 

Then.... as if all that isn’t enough now throw in the loss of vision...OMG

For Us ladies this is just mean and there are a lot of us, and we don’t even know if it’s smudges because we can’t see without the glasses to check it.

Benefit BOMB Cosmetic tattooed eyeliner lasts 2-3 years! Yep really.

Let me tell you about the process.

The skin is fine, some ladies skin is more fragile than others naturally, and because this is applied around your eyes ....what happens if they slip into you eye? Seriously..... this is a no brainier just choose an experienced cosmetic tattooist if it matters (and it should). So as an artist I need to take into account your skin and heritage.. yep where you are from (originally) can affect the colour that is used. 

How you may say? Well once the pigment hits the skin it mixes with it, therefore the colour can change, sometime a blue base is thrown (it fades out to be more blue than black for instance).  When I started tattooing 16 years ago this was a chemical reaction I had to counteract or overcome with cosmetic tattooing to ensure it won’t happen (go blue that is). But today the pigments are so much more advanced this has already been taken into account when the formula was created.... but there are still ladies and skin types that will contradict this, and fortunately, us oldies (old cosmetic tattooists) out of habit still look for these traits in skin types when consulting with our client on Eyeliner Tattooing.

Naturally it’s a given that a finer, older more mature skin type needs to be treated differently that a youthful young plump skin, so agin ladies I urge you if you are over 45 sadly (I think that’s about the age I am noticing differences in the skin) you really need someone who is more qualified to treat your delicate skin. 

Why what can happen? If your skin is fine and delicate and ageing the upper eyeliner tattooing needs to use a different needle configuration, speed and technique, or the skin can be lacerated, the colour can migrate under the skin, the skin can be so damaged it will cause internal scarring. 

A topical numbing cream is applied to the skin prior to your treatment, this actually ensures maximum comfort throughout your procedure which really should take about 20-40 mins total. Yes the eyeliner tattooing procedure is very quick with minimal trauma and little to no downtime.

It’s also important to recognise hygiene especially during this unknown stage of COVID-19. I would imagine that all cosmetic tattooist use best hygiene practises, but this will also differ from salon to salon, therapist to therapist etc

I can only speak for myself but these are my reviews hygiene practises to ensure corona virus is not contacted in my salon during your cosmetic tattoo procedure.

All prevention methods I have implemented are on and above my normal salon ethics, and minimising your touch points as a client.

The gate and door handle is spray with antibacterial spray before and after each client. Surfaces like the chair, iPad, table, mirror, camera, payment system will all be sterilised before each client. Naturally I wear gloves and protective face gear and as always will sterilise my hands before touching you. Protective tapes will be applied before and after each client.  The floor will be sterilised daily now, using antibacterial spray and the heater will be left in in the salon by night at 30 degrees (thus making  COVID-19 ) less able to survive. You will be offered a mask and gloves if you would like to wear them (I would be most happy if you accept) Pretty certain with these measures you are very safe.

Back to your treatment, for the ladies that hate needles... good me too! You may even be keen to have a look at the little hand held machine or there is also a manual system (also with amazing results). This little pin configuration essentially gently scratches the skin whilst depositing colour into the thin skin on the eyelids amongst the eyelashes. Often ladies tell me it tickles their eye lashes (this is because the lashes are being moved by the digital machine). Post eyeliner tattooing I pop drops in your eyes, apply some mineral makeup, take some snaps to show u before and after photos of the eyeliner, oh and yes then you can see instantly how much easier things will be from this day forward.

Your aftercare is also very simple with eyeliner tattooing, no mascara, eye makeup for 4 days during which you will be applying the smallest amount of cream to protect the area from infection and to ensure best healing. Your eyes will feel like crying eyes for about 4 hrs.... no biggy, they will feel swollen on day 1, but... this is it, so easy.

I will make an appointment with you for 6 weeks, to go over the cosmetic tattoo and deposit more colour to ensure it will last for 2-3 years, due to internal healing of this treatment I do not recommend doing the perfection stage any earlier than 6 weeks.

The other decision you have is what thickness.... I can do the treatment thicker, Also like a liquid eyeliner, with a flick the eyeliner price her would be $550 or just a beautiful natural splash of colour amongst your lashes to make them thicker and frame your eyes the eyeliner tattoo price would be $440.

 I can offer you include, eft, afterpay, cc,  oh and cash naturally. Payment is made at the initial treatment obviously.

My reminder will arrive in the mail to you in 2 years, and before your eyeliner tattoo wears off you can make another appointment and it’s about half price for the single treatment refresher, then I don’t see you for another couple of years.

You just get to enjoy the freedom of having this beautifully applied makeup day and night

Who wouldn’t have cosmetic tattooing performed, sadly if you are pregnant, breast feeding, under 18, are diabetic, have heart issues and a few other more rare health conditions.

Warning though, cosmetic tattooing and the ease it offers, the way it makes you feel fabulous... it’s addictive.

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